Best Marketing Trends Most Likely To Grow Your Small Business

It’s everyone’s dream to have big companies and booming businesses that can be regarded as one of the top companies in the world.

However, don’t be discouraged if your business is yet to attain such height, businesses are meant to be developed with the right marketing strategies and competitive advantage.

Your business will definitely enjoy a fast-paced development if you’re engaged in diverse modern-day marketing trends.

As the world continues to evolve, new marketing strategies surface every year, and 2019 is not exempted.

All business owners are always on their toes to detect the latest marketing trends which will boost the productivity level of their business or firms.

Therefore, as a young or inexperienced business owner, you have to take advantage of multiple marketing trends currently making headlines in the world.

To help you achieve this, here is a list of top five marketing trends that will boost your small business before the end of the year.

1. Explore Social Media

Best Marketing Trends Most Likely To Grow Your Small Business social media marketing

Social media platforms are not just for pleasure or fun. They provide you with a chance to promote your business to millions of customers.

According to 2019 digital stats, 3.484 billion people have at least one social media account (either Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ) while 4.388 billion have access to the Internet.

Judging by the above statistics, social media gives you an unrivaled chance to advertise your business to over one million of phone users.

Create an account for your business on all the highly-rated social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp, to begin the advancement of your company.

2. Engage In Email Marketing

email marketing

This is another digital marketing trend that brings huge profits to many established business owners. Set up a site for your business and ensure that you reach out to your readers via email.

You should make it a must to ensure that customers, who have successfully subscribed to your mailing list, get up-to-date information about the latest products from your company.

Let them know if there is any free offer, send mails that will convince them into doing business with you.

However, you must send quality and attractive contents to readers and don’t include too many Ads in the mail you’re sending to them.

3. Eye-to-eye Advertisements

Though we’re in a digitalized world, the importance of one-on-one marketing strategy can’t be overlooked.

As a small-scale business owner seeking for massive turn-up in sales, you must be ready to have a team of representatives who will have smooth business discussions with the public.

Your representatives/marketers must ensure they get the best out of their conversations with the people by making them know the value of your brand, and the benefits of dealing with your brand.

You should also attend professional events as it gives you room to advertise your products and services to many businesses’ owners who could be interested in partnering with your company.

4. Create And Run An Active 'Google My Business' Service

google my business

This is one of the most trending marketing strategies in 2019, which you can’t afford to ignore.

Google My Business is a service rendered by the tech giant aimed at enhancing your company’s fame.

The service helps you to make contact with millions of customers — around your business environment — within a few hours.

‘Google my Business’ is one of the surest ways to grow your business.

5. Engage In Video Marketing

Video marketing

Statistically, over 81% of well-known companies deploy online video marketing as their major method of advertisement. It also confirmed that YouTube is the second most popular website in the world behind Google.

I mentioned the above statistics and more to open your eyes to the fact that you need to create an online video to advertise your products and services.

Create YouTube videos where you advertise your business, teach targeted audience on how to utilize your products and answer questions concerning your products and services.

LinkedIn is another platform where video contents attract more customers than ordinary posts.

You should explore all of these media platforms by uploading videos of your business to enjoy massive improvements in your sales before the year runs to an end.